We take great pride in sharing with you Prime Property’s commitment to corporate responsibility. Rather than an annual printed report, we are providing regular updates on our website for those who share our interest in the South African Community. Our philosophy at Prime Property is straightforward: to be good stewards for our franchise, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work. It’s that simple. This core commitment starts with Prime Property’s Management and extends to our employees. Our culture of good stewardship also ensures that we meet or exceed both expectations and regulatory guidelines and seek improvement to guidelines when we feel the standards are not high enough. Prime Property’s commitment to corporate responsibility is a core belief of our company. We are proud of being an industry leader in property consultation. 

Community Initiatives

Aiding The Refugees
April 2015
Prime Property donated blankets, nappies, food and clothing to the refugees at the Phoenix camp over the four days while they awaited their bus home. Prime Property staff also volunteered over that weekend in preparing and cooking food, sorting all donations and allocating the donations to each individual. We also worked hand-in-hand with the Red Cross providing children with toiletries and toys
Warm A Child
May 2015
Prime Property sponsored a considerable amount towards purchasing blankets for homeless children in the Durban CBD area. These blankets helped to warm many children over the cold winter months. 
Feeding the Community
May 2015
Prime Property had a cricket day where we played East Coast Radio. Family, friends and clients attended. At the end of the day there was food and cold drink left over that the Prime Property staff then prepared, cooked and gave to the disadvantaged community in the Durban CBD area.
Our achievements are many, but Prime Property is always striving for more.I invite you to read more about Prime Property’s corporate responsibility efforts. Please check back often for regular updates on our latest initiatives and achievements.